a and b wedding Invitation lists

Clients ask me what I think about creating an A & B Invitation list. This is typically when you send out invitations to your wedding to everyone on your A list. You wait until you get the RSVP’s back and then based on that number – you send out invitations to the B list.

Your guests can figure it out

Now I may not be a rocket scientist, but I’m smart enough to figure out that if I get a wedding invitation two weeks before the wedding I’m either a B guest or this is a bride who is WAY behind her timeline. Do you really want your guests to feel like second thoughts? Their wedding gifts to you may also reflect that same line of thinking!

However, if you are dead set on this method…then you need to have your ducks in a row. Send the A list out at LEAST 10 weeks before the wedding and have a very EARLY RSVP date (4 weeks before the big day). Then you can send your B list out immediately, which would be considered a standard time range to receive an invitation. But you better be on it and not procrastinate.

Personally, I think you’re better off just inviting people you really want to share your day with. Let the others just congratulate you or take you out for a beer later.

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